Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hoping that everyone had a wonder Christmas! It's been a while since I last posted. Life has been very hectic this month.

First we had several functions at school, projects to mark, exams to mark and grade. I finally managed to take two weeks off work but still have to go in a couple of times -- the joys of being in management I guess.

The week before Christmas was spent cleaning, painting the spare room (we're converting it into a play room for the girls) and more cleaning. It's our turn to have the entire families (mine, his and my sis' in-laws). So, we're having over 40 people in our teeny tiny house! Good news is that I don't really have to cook since it's a potluck. Though it was a bit stressful, it worked out really well, and we managed to spend time with everyone, as well as some friends prior to the party.

This week is still busy, we're still cleaning and prepping the play room. I'm also in the midst of re-organizing my scraproom and can't wait til this mess is done!! I'm tired of it, and I haven't been able to scrap for weeks! Can't wait to go to Sonja's place to play in January.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays, and to everyone, "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Scrapbooking Blitz!

It's been a crazy two weeks -- lots of stuff going on at work, and then last week, a major snowstorm. This meant that the kids went to stay at the grandparent's houses so that I don't have to drive them over in the morning. Not only did it mean uninterrupted sleep through the night, but would also give me free time in the evenings to play!

On the Monday, I got to stay home as they canceled school on account of the snow. This meant I got to scrapbook ALL day long! And since DH was busy helping a friend move, I didn't even have to cook dinner!! But I was productive and managed to complete 3 projects -- 2 for a local store and 1 for a manufacturing company in the USA. I can't post the pics of the project for the LSS, but here is the link to my gallery in the US

Though I did have to work the rest of the week, I was able to play in the evenings for a few hours (what a treat!).

Last night I headed over to Sonja's place to play and made a gorgeous layout that she had created. I will post a picture as soon as I can. It was a really fun evening as we scrapped, chatted and ate our way until 1am!!! As this will be a monthly thing, I can't wait until next month to see what other fabulous project she has designed for us! Here's a link to her site -- if you're in the lower mainland, you may want to join us!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Utter Chaos

I really, really want to scrap but can't. I have 23 projects to mark by next Tuesday, two lectures to prepare for next week, one instructor evaluation to work on, and have to finish a program review by tomorrow. Of, and next week I have to create the schedule for next semester!!!

ARGGGGHHHHH!!! Plus I still have to clean my scrap room. Do any of you ever have weeks like this?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Spin and Tumble

So coming back from the US on Sunday night, the weather is terrible. So I stay in the right lane and drive just under the speed limit as I want to ensure that my passenger and I arrive home safely. Then a stupid white pickup truck comes barreling into my lane. What is a girl to do, but to move to the side and hit the brake. Unfortunately that cause my car to spin across two lanes of traffic and into the ditch!!

Fortunately, my passenger and I were not hurt (just shocked and shaky). Some great people stopped to see if there was anything to do -- thank goodness a couple of them gave us their info as they witnessed the accident. We then waited in the pouring rain for a cop to arrive. The cop arrives and told us that people called in saying that we were weaving in and out of traffic and speeding excessively! This was a surprise to me since I've been in the same lane since we left Bellis Fair, and had a ton of cars go whipping past us!! Then I mentioned to the cop that I had the numbers of a couple of witnesses who saw the accident and saw that it was a truck forced us off the road. We then settled down to wait for a tow truck.

The truck came and pulled us out of the ditch. Turns out that we then had a flat tire which he fixed. I think he felt bad as he charged me less than one hour of work when he actually spent about 1 1/2 hours. The cop then proceeded to give me a $153 speeding ticket since I was going too fast for road conditions. This bites since I was going lower than speed limit but because some bozo almost hits me, I have to pay for his mistakes!! I hate bad drivers!!!!

So I managed to drive the car home. When I called Honda yesterday, they said that I should not drive the car unless absolutely necessary so I had to bus to work. Today I brought the car into the shop and they had to reseal two tires, check the suspension and do a bunch of other stuff due to the accident. So it ended up to be $400 before the ticket and tow. Sometimes life just isn't fair if you know what I mean!