Monday, March 26, 2007


WOW O WOW O WOW!! That's all I can say about this movie.

Originally I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch a gory, action-packed war-type movie. However my DH convinced me to go since he said it would be kind of like a Greek mythology type movie and that it was kind of like the Lord of the Ring battle type scenes.

When the movie started, I didn't want it to ever end!! It was such a great story, though sad. Without giving it away, basically the story is about 300 Spartans who went to war to defend their country. There were only 300 of them since there was some kind of Greek holiday that forbade any type of fighting during this time period, but the King decided that it must be done in order to prevent the Persians from invading their country.

I was in awe of the principles that these Spartans had, in spite of the adversaries that they faced. It was gory, some real but some implied.

And the bodies on these actors!! I was convinced that many of these actors had their bodies CGed (computer generated) as they ALL had very defined muscular arms and legs, broad shoulders and 6-pack abs -- even the older guys. However, my DH said that he remembered reading an article about how all the actors had to go through some rigorous body-building training before they filmed and that they had to also go on those insane diets that body-builders go through just prior to competition.

So, ladies, even if you're not a big action fan, it's worth it to see all these beautiful-bodied men wearing nothing but sandals, speedo-like bottoms and a cape!! But honestly, it's a great movie!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Am I ever glad that March is almost over. It's been a crazy, crazy month. It all started with:
  • a Saturday night crop at the Booker Club. It was a great night as we made a fantastic layout based on Sonja's talented idea! (I'll post a picture soon).
  • The next day I headed off to a luxurious afternoon of high tea and shopping with the LOLAs (Ladies of Leisurely Activities), a group of my 7 closest friends.
  • I've had an Open House at work where I had to find staff and students to make speeches and presentations
  • Planned, organized and hosted an Advisory Board meeting (including all the curriculum that needed to be discussed)
  • Planned, organized and hosted a Student-Industry function which allowed students to meet one-on-one for interview and networking opportunitites -- there were 5 managers plus 18 students
  • Planned, organized, hosted and delegated responsibilities for a one-week program for 16 high school students -- trying to teach them about the hospitality industry so that meant calling and finding guest speakers, arranging field trips and supervising the entire program
  • Taught 3 courses including prep, and marking
  • Been part of 3-4 second interviews since we're trying to hire a Marketing/PR manager
  • Had a fun, wonderful but late dinner with a bunch of friends last night at the Olive Garden -- we'll miss you Janet!!!
So I'm hoping to keep the weekend fairly restful -- I still have tons of marking, still have to prep 2 sets of powerpoints plus write 2 different final exams. But at least most of the stress should be gone -- no more work-related functions until next semester!

I do still have to attend a birthday party next week. Oops. That reminds me that I had better start organizing Bel's 6th birthday since it's coming up -- the room is booked but that's about it.

Can't wait to play at Sonja's in mid-April at the next Booker's Club! Perhaps I'll finally find time to scrapbook again!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do You Ever Keep Secrets?

Let me ask you a question -- do you ever keep secrets from your best friend or your husband? I don't. At least not ususally.

HOWEVER, a couple of weekends ago, I went shopping with some girlfriends and found a pair of shoes that I just HAD TO HAVE!! You know the ones...looks beautiful - makes you look fabulous -- you just can't live without them! Well, normally it wouldn't be a problem, but with the amount of money that I spent on scrapbooking supplies in the past month or so with all the old stuff going on sale and all the pre-orders everywhere...well, I made a promise to DH that I would NOT buy anything I don't really need, especially new shoes when I must have over 40-50 pairs at home (not that I've actually counted them).

Look, could you say no to this??

So for the past few weeks, I've felt very guilty about not telling DH about them. I managed to smuggle them into the house via my handbag (I told the salesperson that I didn't need the box)and I've been keeping them at work. Unfortunately he notices any new clothings, shoes and bags I have so am working at telling him eventually!

Darn that budget of mine. I must win the lottery!!