Saturday, June 30, 2007

I've Been Tagged

So Anna has tagged me, so I am tagging anyone who reads this blog to post:

6 Quirky/Weird Things About Me:
  1. I have a thing for shoes and purses -- I probably have over 50 pairs of shoes/boots and probably over 20 purses -- in the past year alone, I have bought 5 pairs (I've been exercising restraint) and 8 purses (2 Prada, 5 Coach, 1 Fendi)
  2. Whenever I eat something that is too salty/spicy, I NEED to eat something sweet. It also works the other way so if I eat something too sweet, I NEED something salty/spicy.
  3. I used to be very shy, but something happened in my late teens and now I can be a very agressive, nasty Bi-atch when people tick me off
  4. My favorite movies of all time are the Lord of the Rings trilogy-- I think I've watched them close to 10 times. BUT I only watch the parts with Legolas (Orlando Bloom), Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) and the Elves (Liv Tyler) and fast-forward anything that shows just the Ents (talking trees) and the Hobbits (Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, etc) -- I thought those parts were boring
  5. When I was a teenager, I LOVED Top Gun and Tom Cruise and have seriously watched it over 100 times. But now I think Tom Cruise is an idiot so won't watch it any more.
  6. I have a "dirty little laugh" as my husband likes to say. He says it only happens when I'm feeling kind of evil or when I'm playing a joke on him or the kids.

7 Random Things About Me:

  1. I LOVE to shop for pretty much ANYTHING -- especially if it's on sale
  2. Reading is one of the things I enjoy the doing the most. I read virtually anything and everything from biographies to romance novels to murder mysteries to medical thrillers.
  3. I am a total Harry Potter fan! Love the books and surf
  4. Love coffee (non-fat no-foam lattes or at Christmas, the gingerbread lattes). My fave is Cafe Artigiano but will take Starbucks as it is more accessible.
  5. I'm not even 5' tall! I'm only 4'11"
  6. I don't like insects of any kind and am scared of pretty much all animals. I've had some bad experiences with dogs as a kid though I really want one of my own (Golden Retriever puppy)
  7. I love anything cute. I am a big Hello Kitty fan, and have a huge Winnie-the-Pooh collection. I guess you can say that my favorite place on earth IS Disneyland!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here is a layout that I created for a Fancy Pants contest. I love how the striped paper imitates the pattern on the Korean pagaoda in the photo.

I glued the pattern paper to the FP Biggest Board flourishes and letters, and then sanded the edges to distress it a bit. I wanted to use a heart as part of the flourishes (to match the two hearts on the bottom), but didn't have a chipboard one. So I used a punch and made multiple cuts on the FP paper and glued them one on top of the other until it was 3-dimensional. I also used 2 Heidi Swapp ghost hearts for the bottom, and glued a piece of the FP paper under it so that it had a very subtle pattern when you look at it.

Items used for the layout:

  • Fancy Pants Mulberry Road pattern papers
  • Fancy Pants Biggest Board Lotsa Letters
  • Fancy Pants Biggest Board Flourishes
  • Heidi Swapp pink ghost hearts
  • Heart punch

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Sneak Peek Layout!

Here is my second project made for Remember Me Scrapbooking. It is a 2-page 12x12 layout showing the great time my girls had at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. The title has a question mark at the end that I made by combining a backwards "c" and an upside-down "i" -- it is a question mark since the title "Monkeying around" isn't 100% true since we all know gorillas aren't part of the monkey family! I cheated and only inked the Bracket part of Autumn Leave's journaling stamps so that I didn't get the lines or the other bracket.

This layout was made with:
  • Reminisce pattern papers
  • Bazzill cardstock
  • Gel-a-tins clear stamps
  • Autumn Leaves clear stamps
  • Versa and Tim Holtz inks
  • Zig pens

Check out the original layout at Remember Me Scrapbooking.

Monday, June 11, 2007

"Adorable" layout Sneak Peek

Take a sneak peek at one of my projects for Remember Me Scrapbooking in Coquitlam, BC. You can check out the original in-store as of the end of this week!

This layout was made with materials that you can find at the store:

  • Making Memories pattern papers

  • Bazzill cardstock

  • Autumn Leaves clear stamps

  • Scenic Route chipboard letters

  • Heart and circle punch

  • Versa Ink

  • Zig pens

I'll be posting more projects soon!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Garage Sale

I actually decided to try and sell some of my supplies at a garage sale at the lss today -- my room is starting to run out of storage space!! It was really busy (which was good) but there was no time to run out for a Starbucks until the end!!! So I made money -- good thing, but the part part is that I also spent some! It's always so tempting to go through other's people's stuff since they have great goodies that you just have to have!! Best deals I got were 3 packs of glue dots for $10 and ribbon at $0.10 per table length!! Yay!!!

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to sell everything - and I still have a brand-new medium AMM tote in pink/brown . . . perhaps next time!

Tonight I'm off to the Booker Club to make a mini book and to chat with friends. YAY!