Sunday, January 14, 2007

The most embarrassing day of my life...

was this past Friday. I kept both kids home from school (as a unofficial professional day) and took them to Brentwood mall to spend a quiet few hours together. Everything was great until lunch which was at McDonald's. Since the youngest didn't finish her cheeseburger, she was not allowed to have any fries which caused her to blow up! She screamed and threw a royal fit -- including wailing, crying and hopping up and down! I told her that this behaviour was not acceptable and that we would now have to go home. She then crossed her arms and refused to let me put on her jacket.

EVERYONE was staring at us, and looking towards the sound of the screaming!! I walked away with the oldest in tow, and the youngest screaming her guts out, trailing behind us. We walked from one end of the mall to virtually the other end -- and she was the type of nightmare child that you sometimes see and wonder why the parents can't discipline their child! Finally she stopped -- only because she thought I would leave her behind since I told her that she was not going to go outside without a jacket and that I was leaving.

I couldn't figure out why she was behaving so terribly until a bit later when I realized she had a fever! I forgot that she had gotten the flu shot the night before, and I guessed it changed her behaviour somewhat -- this is the second time she's ever done that to me, and that was a year ago when she had gotten shots then too!

Talk about kids managing to embarrass their parents!

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