Saturday, March 24, 2007


Am I ever glad that March is almost over. It's been a crazy, crazy month. It all started with:
  • a Saturday night crop at the Booker Club. It was a great night as we made a fantastic layout based on Sonja's talented idea! (I'll post a picture soon).
  • The next day I headed off to a luxurious afternoon of high tea and shopping with the LOLAs (Ladies of Leisurely Activities), a group of my 7 closest friends.
  • I've had an Open House at work where I had to find staff and students to make speeches and presentations
  • Planned, organized and hosted an Advisory Board meeting (including all the curriculum that needed to be discussed)
  • Planned, organized and hosted a Student-Industry function which allowed students to meet one-on-one for interview and networking opportunitites -- there were 5 managers plus 18 students
  • Planned, organized, hosted and delegated responsibilities for a one-week program for 16 high school students -- trying to teach them about the hospitality industry so that meant calling and finding guest speakers, arranging field trips and supervising the entire program
  • Taught 3 courses including prep, and marking
  • Been part of 3-4 second interviews since we're trying to hire a Marketing/PR manager
  • Had a fun, wonderful but late dinner with a bunch of friends last night at the Olive Garden -- we'll miss you Janet!!!
So I'm hoping to keep the weekend fairly restful -- I still have tons of marking, still have to prep 2 sets of powerpoints plus write 2 different final exams. But at least most of the stress should be gone -- no more work-related functions until next semester!

I do still have to attend a birthday party next week. Oops. That reminds me that I had better start organizing Bel's 6th birthday since it's coming up -- the room is booked but that's about it.

Can't wait to play at Sonja's in mid-April at the next Booker's Club! Perhaps I'll finally find time to scrapbook again!

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