Thursday, May 24, 2007

Outlet Shopping is the Best!

We went down to the US on Sunday with a couple of friends and endured the long wait at the border!

We hit both Prime (Burlington) and Premium (Tulalip) and there were some great buys!! Picked up a bunch of clothes for the girls and jeans for DH.

MY HUSBAND IS THE BEST!!! He had promised to buy me a Coach purse as a mother's day gift, but he ended up buying me two since I couldn't decide which one I wanted - I really liked the lavender but the pink one is similar to the one I wanted to buy years ago, but couldn't find. So he got both -- but I think it's partly so he wouldn't have to hear me wonder aloud if I made the right choice!!

We also stopped off at Target and though we couldn't find the AL stamps at $10 that Tracy found, I picked up some Prima tins for $10 each -- couldn't resist. Plus I got the Fiskar soft-grip x-acto type knife for only $4.99.

We did end up paying at the border, but the guard was nice annd only charged us GST and PST. It did end up around $50 though -- still it was better than what I could get here. I'm not sure how or why things are so much cheaper in the states?!

I'm heading down again this coming weekend -- my mom wants to check out the sales since they have the Memorial Day sales coming up. Me? I'm taking my mom but don't think I'll be buying much. I spent too much already last week!!

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