Saturday, June 02, 2007

Garage Sale

I actually decided to try and sell some of my supplies at a garage sale at the lss today -- my room is starting to run out of storage space!! It was really busy (which was good) but there was no time to run out for a Starbucks until the end!!! So I made money -- good thing, but the part part is that I also spent some! It's always so tempting to go through other's people's stuff since they have great goodies that you just have to have!! Best deals I got were 3 packs of glue dots for $10 and ribbon at $0.10 per table length!! Yay!!!

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to sell everything - and I still have a brand-new medium AMM tote in pink/brown . . . perhaps next time!

Tonight I'm off to the Booker Club to make a mini book and to chat with friends. YAY!

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